Six Vikings Place as CSU Hosts Cleveland State Open

Six Vikings Place as CSU Hosts Cleveland State Open

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Six members of the Cleveland State University wrestling team placed as the Vikings hosted the 14th annual Cleveland State Open Saturday inside Woodling Gymnasium.

The half dozen CSU student-athletes to place at the event marks the highest such contingent of Vikings to do so since the 2007 edition.

Student-athletes representing over 30 schools competed at CSU's annual event, including more than 20 Division I institutions. Six programs ranked among the top 25 in Intermat's most recent Tournament rankings had athletes compete Saturday.

Redshirt freshman Brady Barnett and redshirt sophomore Nico O'Dor placed third at 149 pounds and 157 pounds, respectively. Redshirt senior Armando Torres (133), redshirt sophomore Ryan Ford (165) and redshirt sophomore Colton Carroll (174) all placed fifth in their weight classes. Redshirt freshman Chase Archangelo qualified for the fifth-place match at 157 pounds, but the bout did not take place due to single-day match limits.

Barnett opened up a 3-0 lead in his first match before his opponent netted a takedown in the final minute of regulation, but he was able to hold on for a one-point win. He then used a first-period pin to advance to the semifinals, where he lost to the eventual champion via decision. Barnett bounced back to net his second pin, defeating a fellow Eastern Wrestling League opponent.

O'Dor's day started with a first-period pin, but it would end up being defined by his ability to win close matches. His next bout was tied, 3-3, after seven minutes as O'Dor outlasted his Mid-American Conference foe to win in the second tiebreaker period. He fell behind early in his quarterfinal match but came back to win, using a takedown with seconds left in the second period to take control en route to a 6-4 win. After losing to the eventual champion in the semifinals, O'Dor saved his best for last when faced with a Big Ten opponent. He trailed by two points heading into the third period but came back to tie the bout before winning it in the sudden-victory session.

Archangelo, Ford and Torres all won a team-leading five matches on the day.

Archangelo dropped his first bout of the day but came back to win five straight to place. He netted a pin in his first consolation bout and won two more consolation matches by at least six points. He also knocked off a pair of MAC foes in back-to-back rounds.

Ford made his season debut Saturday and showcased little rust after a long layoff. He won five matches against Division I foes, including posting pins over opponents from Ohio State and Kent State. He also knocked off an Atlantic Coast Conference opponent competing unattached and avenged his only loss of the day in the consolation semifinals with a sudden-victory win.

Like Archangelo, Torres also dropped his first bout of the day before rebounding to win five in a row. He netted a pair of pins and a major decision win as none of his victories came by fewer than six points.

Carroll began his day by defeating an ACC foe competing unattached and ended up with four wins on the day.

Five other Vikings won multiple matches on the day.

Redshirt sophomore Cameron Lathem won two bouts at 125 pounds, pinning a Southern Conference foe competing unattached and a beating a Bucknell foe, 3-1.

Junior Collin Kelly won a pair of matches at heavyweight while both of his losses came by a single point.

Redshirt junior Grant Turnmire won two matches at 149 pounds, including beating an EWL foe. Redshirt freshman Andrew Murphy won a pair of bouts at 157 before his day ended via a medical forfeit loss. True freshman Ben Smith won two bouts at 197, including a 15-2 win against a Division I foe competing unattached.

Redshirt freshman Cody Moosman also netted a win over an ACC foe at 125 pounds.

Torres now leads the team with 19 wins on the season as the first semester comes to a close. O'Dor owns 16 victories after compiling four Saturday while Barnett has 13 in his first season competing in a collegiate singlet.

CSU Results at the Cleveland State Open

First Round: Cameron Lathem (CSU) - bye
First Round: Cody Moosman (CSU) - bye
Second Round: Michael DeAugustino (Chicago Regional Training Center) over Lathem (CSU) - 7-0 dec.
Second Round: Julian Saldana (Michigan State) over Moosman (CSU) - 3-1 dec.
Consolation Second Round: Lathem (CSU) over Charles Steckline (Unattached) - Fall 1:10
Consolation Second Round: Moosman (CSU) over Arien Leigh (Duke) - 7-6 dec.
Consolation Third Round: Lathem (CSU) over Geo Barzona (Bucknell) - 3-1 dec.
Consolation Third Round: Elijah Oliver (Indiana) over Moosman (CSU) - 8-0 MD
Consolation Quarterfinals: Robert Campos (Notre Dame (Ohio)) over Lathem (CSU) - 10-3 dec.

First Round: Garrett Pepple (Indiana) over Armando Torres (CSU) - 4-0 dec.
Consolation First Round: Torres (CSU) - bye
Consolation Second Round: Torres (CSU) over Kyle French (Notre Dame (Ohio)) - Fall 4:04
Consolation Third Round: Torres (CSU) over Ryan Mattews (Akron) - Fall 3:51
Consolation Quarterfinals: Torres (CSU) over Roshaun Cooley (Clarion) - 7-1 dec.
Consolation Semifinals: Torres (CSU) over Colin Schuster (Kent State) - 15-4 MD
Fifth-Place Match: Torres (CSU) over Kelan Mckenna (Notre Dame (Ohio)) - MFF

First Round: Brady Barnett (CSU) - bye
First Round: Sam Matzek (CSU) - bye
First Round: Nick Lombard (Michigan) over Grant Turnmire (CSU) - 8-2 dec.
Second Round: Barnett (CSU) over Patrick D`Arcy (NJ RTC) - 3-2 dec.
Second Round: Matzek (CSU) over Nick Steed (Ohio) - 6-4 dec.
Quarterfinals: Barnett (CSU) over Tanner Cook (Finger Lakes Prep) - Fall 0:51
Quarterfinals: Chris Matzke (Edinboro) over Matzek (CSU) - 8-3 dec.
Semifinals: Graham Rooks (Indiana) over Barnett (CSU) - 7-2 dec.
Consolation First Round: Turnmire (CSU) - bye
Consolation Second Round: Turnmire (CSU) over Nick Steed (Ohio) - MFF
Consolation Third Round: Turnmire (CSU) over Philip Gohn (Edinboro) - 7-4 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Corbyn Munson (Central Michigan) over Matzek (CSU) - 9-1 MD
Consolation Quarterfinals: Denton Spencer (Unattached) over Turnmire (CSU) - 6-0 dec.
Third-Place Match: Barnett (CSU) over Matzke (Edinboro) - Fall 2:30

First Round: Colton Yapougian (Finger Lakes Prep) over Chase Archangelo (CSU) - 8-0 MD
First Round: Andrew Murphy (CSU) over Farouq Muhammed (Unaffiliated) - 6-2 dec.
First Round: Nico O'Dor (CSU) over Michael Goldfeder (Unattached) - Fall 2:41
Second Round: Murphy (CSU) over William Formato (Unattached) - 9-8 dec.
Second Round: O'Dor (CSU) over Nick Vestal (Ohio) - 5-4 TB-2
Quarterfinals: Peter Pappas (Edinboro) over Murphy (CSU) - 11-2 MD
Quarterfinals: O'Dor (CSU) over Conor Melbourne (NJ RTC) - 6-4 dec.
Semifinals: Mike D`Angelo (Unattached) over O'Dor (CSU) - 11-2 MD
Consolation First Round: Archangelo (CSU) over Logan Adkins (Wheeling Jesuit) - Fall 2:16
Consolation Second Round: Archangelo (CSU) over Richard Jackson (Kent State) - 11-4 dec.
Consolation Third Round: Archangelo (CSU) over Tracy Hubbard (Central Michigan) - 6-5 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Archangelo (CSU) over Murphy (CSU) - MFF
Consolation Semifinals: Archangelo (CSU) over Caleb Cass (Unattached) - 10-4 dec.
Third-Place Match: O'Dor (CSU) over Erich Byelick (Northwestern) - 7-5 SV
Fifth-Place Match: Archangelo (CSU) vs. Colton Yapougian (Finger Lakes Prep) - DFF

First Round: Ryan Ford (CSU) over Ben Schneider (Ohio) - 8-3 dec.
Second Round: Riley Smucker (Unattached) over Ford (CSU) - 6-3 dec.
Consolation Second Round: Ford (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: Ford (CSU) over Isaac Bast (Kent State) - Fall 5:34
Consolation Quarterfinals: Ford (CSU) over Ryan Ferro (Ohio State) - Fall 2:20
Consolation Semifinals: Ford (CSU) over Smucker (Unattached) - 5-3 SV
Fifth-Place Match: Ford (CSU) over Joey Mazzara (Unattached) - 6-5 dec.

First Round: Colton Carroll (CSU) over David Crawford (Unattached) - 9-5 dec.
First Round: Tommy O`Brien (Unattached) over Jake Henderson (CSU) - 11-2 MD
First Round: Emilio Fowler (Notre Dame (Ohio)) over Dimitri Williams (CSU) - 4-1 dec.
Quarterfinals: Jake Covaciu (Unattached) over Carroll (CSU) - Fall 6:55
Consolation First Round: Cornell Beachem (Notre Dame (Ohio)) over Henderson (CSU) - Fall 1:10
Consolation First Round: Williams (CSU) over Mark Trifelos (Findlay) - Fall 3:38
Consolation Quarterfinals: Carroll (CSU) over Williams (CSU) - 5-4 dec.
Consolation Semifinals: Carroll (CSU) over Cornell Beachem (Notre Dame (Ohio)) - MFF
Fifth-Place Match: Carroll (CSU) over Nathan Jimenez (Michigan State) - MFF

First Round: Danny Kruse (Michigan State) over Chris Morrow (CSU) - 6-5 dec.
Consolation First Round: Morrow (CSU) over Logan Hall (Notre Dame (Ohio)) - 10-0 MD
Consolation Quarterfinals: Tony Vezzetti (Notre Dame (Ohio)) over Morrow (CSU) - 4-1 dec.

First Round: Ben Smith (CSU) - bye
Second Round: Andrew Davison (Michigan) over Smith (CSU) - Fall 5:27
Consolation Second Round: Smith (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: Smith (CSU) over Vincenzo Marinucci (Unattached) - MFF
Consolation Quarterfinals: Smith (CSU) over Mason Fiscella (Unattached) - 15-2 MD
Consolation Semifinals: Brandon Whitman (Unattached) over Smith (CSU) - 9-4 dec.

First Round: BryLee Shumaker (Clarion) over Jacob Adams (CSU) - 16-0 TF 3:25
First Round: Collin Kelly (CSU) over Jack Heyob (Unattached) - 3-2 dec.
Second Round: Kelly (CSU) over Eric Chakonis (Bucknell) - 10-5 dec.
Quarterfinals: Cole Rickert (Pittsburgh) over Kelly (CSU) - 3-2 dec.
Consolation First Round: Zack Nemec (Michigan) over Adams (CSU) - Fall 0:37
Consolation Quarterfinals: Spencer Berthold (Kent State) over Kelly (CSU) - 5-4 dec.