Cheek Wins Title, Five Vikings Place at Clarion Open

Cheek Wins Title, Five Vikings Place at Clarion Open

CLARION, Pa. - Redshirt senior Evan Cheek began his final collegiate season with a title as he was one of five Vikings to place among the top four at the Clarion Open Sunday inside the Student Recreation Center.

Cheek took first at 141 pounds in his first competition in a CSU singlet since the 2018 NCAA Championships. A trio of Vikings tallied third-place finishes on the day—redshirt sophomore Brady Barnett at 157 pounds, sophomore Ben Smith at 197 pounds and redshirt freshman Riley Smucker at 165 pounds. Redshirt senior Justin Patrick placed fourth at 133 pounds after being unable to contest his third-place bout due to a medical issue.

Cheek started his final season with an impressive effort, not only winning the title, but doing so in style. He posted a technical fall shutout win in his first match against an opponent from Lock Haven after accumulating 14 near-fall points. Cheek then got out to a 6-0 lead in his next bout before cruising to an 11-1 major decision. In his semifinal bout against a Big XII foe competing unattached, Cheek notched a pin in the first period. He produced the same result in the championship bout, posting a pin inside of two minutes, after he led 10-0, against a conference opponent competing unattached.

Barnett led all Vikings with five wins on the day, all of which came against conference foes, either attached or unattached. He led his opening match by four points in the second period when his opponent defaulted due to injury. Barnett then racked up points in an 18-3 technical fall victory. Barnett won each of his final three matches by at least six points with a semifinal setback sandwiched in between. He posted a major decision win in his third-place bout.

Smith and Smucker both used a trio of wins to earn third-place finishes.

Smith used a major decision win, a seven-point win and a one-point win in his third place bout while competing against a trio of conference foes, one of which was competing unattached.

Smucker won three bouts against opponents from the host school to place third. He tallied a major decision win, a first-period win by fall and led in the third-place bout before his opponent was unable to continue due to injury.

Patrick claimed four wins on the day, including a major decision win and a win in sudden victory session, to place fourth.

Redshirt sophomore Chase Archangelo (174), redshirt senior Sam Matzek (149), redshirt sophomore Cody Moosman (125) and redshirt junior Nico O'Dor (157) all registered multiple wins Sunday.

Archangelo and Moosman both posted a win by fall and a major decision victory among a total of three wins on the day. O'Dor posted wins against an opponent from Penn State as well as a conference foe competing unattached.

Redshirt sophomore Jacob Adams (184) and redshirt senior Grant Turnmire (149) each notched a win Sunday, with the former tallying a major decision victory.

Cleveland State will continue action next Sunday, Nov. 10, at the Ohio Intercollegiate Open.

CSU Results at Clarion Open

First Round: No. 4 Cameron Lathem (CSU) - bye
First Round: Cody Moosman (CSU) over Cameron Butler (Clarion) - 4-2 dec.
Quarterfinals: Brandon Meredith (Penn State) over No. 4 Lathem (CSU) - 16-0 TF 6:35
Quarterfinals: Jake Ferri (Unattached) over Moosman (CSU) - Fall 4:23
Consolation Second Round: Butler (Clarion) over No. 4 Lathem (CSU) - 5-4 dec.
Consolation Second Round: Moosman (CSU) over Blake Jackson (Unattached) - Fall 2:47
Consolation Quarterfinals: Moosman (CSU) over Baylor Shunk (Unattached) - 17-9 MD
Consolation Semifinals: Meredith (Penn State) over Moosman (CSU) - 14-5 MD

First Round: No. 1 Justin Patrick (CSU) over Wyatt Henson (Unattached) - 6-3 dec.
Quarterfinals: Josh Mason (Bloomsburg) over No. 1 Patrick (CSU) - Fall 3:09
Consolation Second Round: No. 1 Patrick (CSU) over Richie Markulics (Edinboro) - 8-0 MD
Consolation Quarterfinals: No. 1 Patrick (CSU) over Dylan Burnoski (Unattached) - 6-2 dec.
Consolation Semifinals: No. 1 Patrick (CSU) over Seth Koleno (Unattached) - 7-5 SV
Third-Place Match: Henson (Unattached) over No. 1 Patrick (CSU) - M. For.

First Round: No. 1 Evan Cheek (CSU) over Garrett Rigg (Lock Haven) - 16-0 TF 4:23
Quarterfinals: No. 1 Cheek (CSU) over Peyton Blasko (Unattached) - 11-1 MD
Semifinals: No. 1 Cheek (CSU) over Jeffery Boyd (Unattached) - Fall 3:00
Championship: No. 1 Cheek (CSU) over Avry Mutschler (Unattached) - Fall 1:54

First Round: No. 4 Sam Matzek (CSU) - bye
First Round: Jackie Gold (Edinboro) over Grant Turnmire (CSU) - 3-1 SV
Second Round: Terrell Barraclough (Unattached) over No. 4 Matzek (CSU) - 9-1 MD
Consolation First Round: Turnmire (CSU) over DeAndree Reed (Shippensburg) - For.
Consolation Second Round: No. 4 Matzek (CSU) over Turnmire (CSU) - M. For.
Consolation Third Round: No. 4 Matzek (CSU) over Evan Myers (Clarion) - 8-3 dec.
Consolation Fourth Round: No. 4 Matzek (CSU) over No. 2 Brock Port (Lock Haven) - M. For.
Consolation Quarterfinals: No. 4 Matzek (CSU) over Nick Colasurdo (Unattached) - M. For.
Consolation Semifinals: Barraclough (Unattached) over No. 4 Matzek (CSU) - M. For.

First Round: No. 5 Brady Barnett (CSU) over Matthew Dowler (Edinboro) - Default 4:05
First Round: Caleb Cass (CSU) - bye
First Round: No. 3 Nico O'Dor (CSU) over Mason Karpinski (Unattached) - 7-4 dec.
Second Round: No. 5 Barnett (CSU) over Trevor Elfvin (Unattached) - 18-3 TF 6:59
Second Round: No. 2 Avery Shay (Unattached) over Cass (CSU) - Fall 2:08
Second Round: No. 3 O'Dor (CSU) over Paul Feite (Penn State) - 6-1 dec.
Quarterfinals: No. 5 Barnett (CSU) over Collin Glorioso (Lock Haven) - 9-2 dec.
Quarterfinals: No. 6 Jonathan Ross (Unattached) over No. 3 O'Dor (CSU) - 12-8 dec.
Semifinals: No. 1 Alexander Klucker (Lock Haven) over No. 5 Barnett (CSU) - Fall 3:39
Consolation Second Round: Cass (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: Chase Stephens (Lock Haven) over Cass (CSU) - Fall 0:36
Consolation Fourth Round: Farouq Muhammed (Unattached) over No. 3 O'Dor (CSU) - 5-2 dec.
Consolation Semifinals: No. 5 Barnett (CSU) over Muhammed (Unattached) - 9-3 dec.
Third-Place Match: No. 5 Barnett (CSU) over Shay (Unattached) - 11-3 MD

First Round: No. 4 Riley Smucker (CSU) - bye
Quarterfinals: No. 4 Smucker (CSU) over Jack Peura (Clarion) - 9-0 MD
Semifinals: No. 1 Joe Lee (Unattached) over No. 4 Smucker (CSU) - 17-5 MD
Consolation Semifinals: No. 4 Smucker (CSU) over Mike Vernagallo (Clarion) - Fall 2:00
Third-Place Match: No. 4 Smucker (CSU) over Peura (Clarion) - M. For.

First Round: Chase Archangelo (CSU) - bye
Second Round: No. 1 Jared Siegrist (Lock Haven) over Archangelo (CSU) - 7-0 dec.
Consolation Second Round: Archangelo (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: Archangelo (CSU) over Justin Hayward (Bloomsburg) - 14-1 MD
Consolation Fourth Round: Archangelo (CSU) over Derek Brown (Unattached) - 6-1 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Archangelo (CSU) over Christian Sequete (Clarion) - Fall 2:58
Consolation Semifinals: No. 4 Max Wohlabaugh (Unattached) over Archangelo (CSU) - 14-6 MD

First Round: Ray Bernot (Lock Haven) over Jacob Adams (CSU) - Fall 1:16
Consolation First Round: Adams (CSU) over Ethan Sabo (Unattached) - 9-0 MD
Consolation Second Round: Neamiah Diggs (Unattached) over Adams (CSU) - 15-2 MD

First Round: No. 3 Ben Smith (CSU) - bye
Quarterfinals: No. 3 Smith (CSU) over Ryan Boyle (Unattached) - 9-0 MD
Semifinals: No. 2 Greg Bulsak (Clarion) over No. 3 Smith (CSU) - 15-6 MD
Consolation Semifinals: No. 3 Smith (CSU) over Parker McClellan (Lock Haven) - 8-1 dec.
Third-Place Match: No. 3 Smith (CSU) over No. 4 Zach Ancewicz (Edinboro) - 6-5 dec.

First Round: John Kelbly (CSU) - bye
First Round: Michael Wolfgram (Unattached) over Collin Kelly (CSU) - 6-4 SV
Quarterfinals: No. 1 Gaige Willis (Unattached) over Kelbly (CSU) - 4-2 dec.
Consolation First Round: Kelly (CSU) - bye
Consolation Second Round: Derek Berberick (Shippensburg) over Kelbly (CSU) - Fall 1:47
Consolation Second Round: Jarrett Walters (Bloomsburg) over Kelly (CSU) - 7-3 dec.